Funny and Feisty Chihuahuas | Funny Dogs Compilation

Check out these FUNNY and FEISTY Chihuahuas. They’re SMALL and LEAN and Quite the BARKING MACHINE!! Don’t mess with a Chihuahua because they will let you know exactly how they feel! These cute dogs may be small, but they’ve got BIG PERSONALITIES AND HOT TEMPERS! They’ll HOWL, GROWL and even STEAL YOUR FOOD! When you […]

Oscar 2018: 10 most memorable quotes from 90th Academy Awards

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the Academy Awards for the second year running and kicked off the presentation ceremony with a monologue poked fun at Harvey Weinstein and Mike Pence while paying homage to #MeToo and Time’s Up. He started off by saying that the Oscar trophy was Hollywood’s ‘most beloved and respected man’ because ‘he keeps […]

Is there an Ambedkar Touch to Rajinikanth’s Kaala Teaser?

Chennai: Kaala or black is the colour of the proletariat, so says the teaser of Rajinikanth’s latest movie Kaala. In Kabali, Rajinikanth was a steely Malaysian people’s leader trying to piece together his family torn-apart by ethnic strike, but in Kaala the 67-year-old is a true-blue working class man taking on hegemonistic forces looking to […]

Long kryptonite to superheroes, the Oscars begin to relent

Aside from the posthumous Oscar for Heath Ledger (“The Dark Knight”) and best animated film for “The Incredibles,” no superhero film has ever penetrated the top categories of the Academy Awards. Though regular honorees for their bombastic visual effects or thunderous, wall-to-wall sound, comic-book movies have been denied the upper reaches of achievement. Marvel Studios […]

Meet the woman of the hour, Kangana Ranaut

Looking back on 2017, one moment lights up Kangana Ranaut, the memory of it breaking her face into a divine smile. Collecting snowflakes in her palms outside her eco-friendly villa nestled in an organic farm in Manali on a cold December evening. For the 30-year-old star, it was another personal milestone—her farm has been nearly […]