Long kryptonite to superheroes, the Oscars begin to relent

Aside from the posthumous Oscar for Heath Ledger (“The Dark Knight”) and best animated film for “The Incredibles,” no superhero film has ever penetrated the top categories of the Academy Awards. Though regular honorees for their bombastic visual effects or thunderous, wall-to-wall sound, comic-book movies have been denied the upper reaches of achievement. Marvel Studios […]

Meet the woman of the hour, Kangana Ranaut

Looking back on 2017, one moment lights up Kangana Ranaut, the memory of it breaking her face into a divine smile. Collecting snowflakes in her palms outside her eco-friendly villa nestled in an organic farm in Manali on a cold December evening. For the 30-year-old star, it was another personal milestone—her farm has been nearly […]


Australian YouTuber Primitive Technology just posted a video, currently trending at the number one spot, showing him create mud bricks from scratch. First, we see him make a brick mold from wood, with the aim of making bricks measuring 25 x 12.5 x 7.5 cm. “A log was split, and mortise and tenon joints were […]

Blackmail trailer

In the teaser of his upcoming release Blackmail, Irrfan Khan introduced himself as a “perfect middle-class married man”. But then we wondered how his perfect life turned topsy-turvy and made him run bare-chested on the streets. The mystery has been solved. The makers of Blackmail have released the trailer of the movie and from it, […]